Network Marketing Success Tips – 7 Steps to Drive Traffic to Your Network Marketing Articles

You probably know by now that writing articles and posting them at major article directories and at your own blog can be a huge source of traffic for your network marketing website. But, how to you get traffic to your articles? If no one sees them, are they really doing you any good?

The answer to that question is a simple “no.” No matter how many articles you write, if no one ever sees them, they won’t bring you any traffic.

So, how do you get more traffic to your articles? Is it really just a lucky break that may get you more traffic, or can you do some things that will get your articles seen by more people and use that traffic to start growing your network marketing company?

Absolutely, and here’s 7 Steps that you can use right now, even if you’re just getting started with article marketing in your network marketing internet business.

Step #1 – Use targeted keywords in your article title. If content is king on the internet, then keywords are the queen. Keywords are what everyone uses to find content on the internet. If you’re targeting the right keywords in your article titles, you’ll have a much better chance of getting traffic from the search engines. Do your keyword research and use those keywords in your article titles.

Step #2 – Submit your articles to the best directories. Now, there’s probably thousands and thousands of places that you can submit your articles to online. But only a few of them really matter, the rest are really just junk. Submit your articles to the best directories, those that are reputable, have been around for years, and receive a good deal of traffic. These sites rank well in the search engines and will help send some of that traffic your way. Ezine Articles is probably the best article directory online, a great place to submit your network marketing articles.

Step #3 – Post your articles on your blog. You do have a blog, don’t you? If you don’t, you really should have a blog for your network marketing internet business. It’s the hub of all your activity online. And those articles that you’ve created can also be posted at your blog. You wrote them, didn’t you? So use them!

Step #4 – Tweet your articles. Each and every article you post online has it’s own unique web address that you can send people to. Get the link for your articles and start telling people about them on Twitter. If you’re building your Twitter following, and you should be, you’ll get some traffic from there as well. Don’t be afraid to tell people about your work, they’ll thank you for it!

Step #5 – Mention your articles on Facebook. Facebook is one of the busiest sites online, with now over 500 million users. Surely, there have to be a few of them that would be interested in what you have to say about network marketing, don’t you think? You’ll never know unless you tell them about it!

Step #6 – Repurpose your articles. An article is more than just an article, it’s a piece of content you can use over and over again. Use your article as a video script, or for a podcast. Post the video on YouTube and add the podcast to your blog. The more places you have your content, the more that people will see it.

Step #7 – Write more articles. This is just simple. The more articles you write, the more traffic you’re going to get. If you write enough articles, you’re soon going to be recognized as a network marketing internet business leader and people will start looking for your content. And if you’re doing these 7 steps, they’ll be sure to find it. And you’ll start getting more leads to your business, and more money

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